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What Are The Most Common Parts To Replace On Charmglow Grills?

One of the selling points of Charmglow grills is their ability to heat up fast and to uniformly distribute heat to ensure consistent cooking. But just like any other home appliance, these grills also have a life span even though they are known to stand the test of time. Sooner or later, some of the components may get damaged after constant use, and some of the parts may break or rust and need replacement.

That said, it’s important to have a professional check, clean, and maintain your barbecue grill from time to time. Doing this will not only add life to your grill, but it will also save you energy and maintain the quality of your barbecue.

Here is a list of the most common parts to replace on Charmglow grills:

charmglow grill burners 1. Burners

One of the common grill problems is uneven heating or burning. As you may have noticed, burners have small holes where the gas escapes. If these holes are clean and free from obstruction, the flame emitted is bluish in color. But over time, when drippings from the barbecued meat gets into the holes, the holes become clogged and yellow flame is emitted.

Usually, this problem can be easily solved by simply cleaning the burners to take away the clogged particles. But eventually, this method is no longer reliable as the burners will be filled with rust, and the only solution is to get a replacement.


2. Igniters

There are two types of problems associated with igniters: clogging and faulty wiring. If your grill is not cleaned regularly, small particles may clog the igniters. And if the grill is not handled with care, some wirings may be cut loose, which result in a defective igniter.

You can easily replace this component, but it’s always wise to consult with a repair specialist to be sure.

3. Hoses and Regulators

As previously mentioned, yellow flame can be the result of a clogged burner. But it can also be caused by a faulty regulator. Either it’s stuck, it’s not adjusted properly, or it’s plain defective.

Aside from yellow flame, you’ll know that your regulator needs replacement if a loud whistling sound is produced and the regulator is causing it.

Hoses can get eaten away by squirrels or other wildlife critters

Charmglow grill cooking grid4. Cooking Grids or Grates

Grates are prone to rusting and corrosion especially if the grill is exposed to a lot of moisture. If there’s a little rust on the grates, this can be easily removed with a wire bristled brush.

But if there’s too much rust, you can’t depend on your grates to deliver the amount of heat you need. So the best solution is to replace them.



5. Control Valves

The control valve is the heart of the grill. Just as what the name implies, this part controls the flow of fuel that goes out of the burner. It consists of complicated sub-parts that when one of them is damaged, the only solution is to replace the whole valve.

6. Knobs and Handles

The problem associated with knobs and handles is that they loosen over time. While this can be tolerated, you will have to get used to numerous turning of these knobs before you get the desired result, which is when you know it’s time to replace them.

7. Wheels or Casters

You’ll either have wheels or casters on your Charmglow grill. Casters can be either stem casters, which have stems sticking out of them that you push up into the frame of the grill, or plate casters, which you bolt to the frame. These can deteriorate just from a lot of use or from extreme weather. Damaged wheels or casters can make it difficult to move your grill around or even cause it to not stand straight.

Charmglow grill heat plates or shields8. Heat Plates or Shields

One of the most common parts to replace are the heat plates or they’re also called heat shields. They are very prone to rust and wreak havoc with the even burning that you need to depend on from your grill.